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What Our Customers Are Saying

"We mean it when we say we love what we do...even if it means buying you a steak dinner!!!" - Selling Cars and Making Friends
"We love it and so do they. Hear from both buyers and sellers at The Vault!!!" - SOLD! Buyers & Sellers love The Vault
"We helped David sell this extremely rare, U13 Bronco. He had tried on his own and even asked several others to help sell it, with no luck. In 30 days, The Vault gave him his check. " - Selling a U13 Bronco
"Buying cars doesn't have to be hard. Mr. Bean bought this awesome CJ7 while on his excavator, then drove over and picked it up. The Vault, we make it easy to buy. " - Jamie Bean
"Bob came to us to buy the truck of his wife's dreams. Check out his story of buying a GMC 100, 5 Window" - Bob Blaire
"Mark came to The Vault because he knew we could help sell his SEMA built Chevy Belair. " - Mark Rowe
"It's always a great feeling when you help sell a collector car, but when you do 2 at once, well thats a special day!!!" - Buddy McClain
"Chris came to The Vault cause he was ready to sell is classic corvette, and in 30 days, The Vault gave him his check!!!" - Chris Tower
"ALL THE WAY FROM VIRGINIA!!! Ethan has waited a long time to buy his dream Jeep, and even with the power being out due to some construction, we still made the delivery. " - Ethan Mennen
"James Green is an avid collector and when the opportunity came up to buy 3 amazing vehicles via auction from The Vault, well he jumped on the opportunity. " - James Green
"CT is new to the collector car market and he chose The Vault to put him in this amazing 1970 Chevelle" - C. T. White
"Casey Bridges is a very busy man. He chose to sell his two classic cars with The Vault. Hear in his own words why it was such a great experience. " - Casey Bridges
"I purchased a 968 Porsche through The Vault's online auction! I'm looking forward to driving it back to Texas and I'm very happy with the process. " - Ted Wyrick
"I sent The Vault my cars and in 30 days I got 2 checks! They will sell your car. Go see JD Pass and the folks at The Vault!!!" - Dwaine Slay
"My experience at The Vault has been exceptional! I purchased a 1980 Corvette. This car has been the best car I have ever purchased. Mr. JD and the group have treated me extremely well. I will be back and have been telling all of my buddies and where they can come to get a nice car...The Vault!" - Jessie Lasiter
"I bought two cars from The Vault on their online auction. I came out from Texas and was happily able to pick up the cars. I'm very happy dealing with The Vault!" - Scott Fisher
"I was able to bid in an online auction easily and won the bid. I came to The Vault from Tennessee and was able to drive my car back home. It was an easy and simple process. I was able to buy something really cool through The Vault and look forward to purchasing again in the future." - Dewayne Sharp
"The Vault was great, they picked up my car, cleaned it up, sold it, and I got paid at The Vault!" - James G. Barrett
"I GOT PAID!!! My experience was great using The Vault to sell my car." - Butch Royal
"I brought my car to The Vault and I got paid!!! They cleaned up my car and put it in their online auction and it sold, no problems!!" - Danny Williams
"The Morgan's had an awesome purchasing experience with The Vault and they are back looking for another classic car!!! Hear why they continue to shop and buy with The Vault!!!" -
"Casey Bridges is a very busy man. He chose to sell his two classic cars with The Vault. Hear in his own words why it was such a great experience! " -
"We just sold a Hennessy Velociraptor here at The Vault. See and hear about this amazing Hennessy Ford Velociraptor from one of our great customers!" -

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