Muscle Cars For Sale Online

Visit the Vault for muscle cars, where we have been involved with classic & muscle cars since 1989. Our unparalleled buying, selling, and trading experience has made us the go-to for car aficionados around the world. Your beefed up whip deserves top quality servicing, repair and restoration! At the Vault, our experienced technicians will take care of your baby, leaving it in pristine condition.

Muscle Cars for Sale Online

Visit the Vault to buy or sell your gorgeous muscle car online! We have been involved with classic & muscle cars since 1989 and our unparalleled buying, selling, and trading experience has made us the go-to for muscle car aficionados around the world. And we do so much beyond buying and selling muscle cars. Your beefed up whip deserves top quality servicing, repair, and restoration! At the Vault, our experienced technicians will take care of your baby, leaving it in pristine condition.

What are Muscle Cars?

Commonly known as supercars in the 60s, what qualifies as a muscle car today is highly debated. American muscle cars are usually considered to be of intermediate size, a high-performance model, with a large V8 engine, rear wheel drive, and an affordable price tag. Additionally, they should have two doors, front and rear seats, a 4V carburetor (or higher), and dual exhaust. Also in this category are pony cars which are small, lightweight, models with a V8 engine. How do pony cars differ from muscle cars? They are shorter in length and wheelbase and lighter in weight.

American Muscle Cars for Sale

So why has the hysteria for muscle cars ensued over the years, all across the globe? Why should you buy a muscle car? Let’s explore why old supercars are so exciting…

Muscle cars gain value
If you’re simply looking for a wise investment that can also provide some great fun, a muscle car is the right choice. Considered a piece of history and representing a great American time era, the value of muscle cars is ever-increasing.

Muscle cars grab attention
Let’s face it…nothing gets more attention than a guttural engine and an imposing body style. Muscle cars are a gorgeous sight and even more amazing to drive! If you’ve hidden your inner bravado and require a liberating and thrilling experience, muscle cars are the way to go. You can join the millions of muscle car shows across the US and make the men jealous and send the women aflutter. If you’re a female car junkie, you’ll gain the respect and admiration of fellow car enthusiasts. You can show off your unique whip of a ride to people who can appreciate its value, as well as to onlookers who simply enjoy the view. Either way, you’ve gained attention and appreciation which always feels fantastic!

Muscle cars are a blast to restore
Are you looking for a fantastic unrestored muscle car for sale? That means you know the entertainment and therapeutic value of getting your hands dirty while working on a good-ole’ muscle car. Even if you’re no mechanic, tinkering under the hood or even giving her a good wash and wax feels fantastic. Relive the times you’ve seen your dad or grandpa under the hood of a car and you’ll find yourself smiling in no time. If you can do a bit of work on the car, you’ll love hunting for parts, scoring the perfect accessory, and enjoying the fruits of your labor when you hear that gravelly engine roar to life.

Muscle Car Service

At the Vault, our experienced gear heads perform all muscle automobile repairs you may require to keep your ponies running smoothly. Our muscle car service center can do it all, from drivetrain, suspension, brakes, and electrical diagnosing to routine maintenance on all makes and models of muscle cars. If your pride and joy needs some attention, The Vault is your go-to muscle car repair:

A/C and Heat
Brakes, both repair and upgrade
Steering problems and repair
Not running and no start
Fuel System replace and repair

If you’re in the muscle car buying, selling, restoring, or repair market, look no further than The Vault. We are standing by to help you turn some heads in your very own prized whip!

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